Crystal Lynn Rose


By Jerry & Terry Rose

Born Feb 22, 1985    Died Dec 14, 2012


Our beautiful daughter Crystal Lynn Rose would always light any room with her presence and warm smile. Crystal was always the life and laughter of any party.

As a child Crystal played hockey and enjoyed every minute of being a goalie. All her team mates were boys.  She was the only girl on the team and being the goalie was a huge challenge for her.  And boy did she show them who the boss was. Crystal loved the outdoors always camping and having fun.  Crystal loved to scrap book and was always up to something.  One of her passions was rescuing dogs and cats from the shelters.  Crystal had a pug named Dori that she rescued and oh how she loved her Dori.  They were best friends, always together, always one.

Crystal touched so many people lives and always had something to say.  Crystal was smart, funny, loveable, very giving and all around great person.

Crystal had so much more to accomplish before she left us, but she only had a short while as she was taken away at the young age of 27.

Maybe gone but never forgotten, always in our hearts, and with us each and every day.



Here is Crystal’s  tragic story



           On Tuesday December 11 2012 at 10:30am my daughter Crystal Lynn Rose went down for gastric bypass surgery at Humber River  Regional Hospital, Finch site, " Now called HRRH". In Toronto, Ontario. It had seemed like we waited forever for  Crystal’s surgeon, to come out and let us know how the surgery went with Crystal. At around 12:30pm, Crystal's Surgeon came out and informed us, that the surgery had gone well. We were also informed that Crystal would be out of the hospital by Thursday December 13, 2012. We were glad the surgery went well and asked when we could see Crystal. Her Surgeon said she was in recovery, and should be up to her room in a couple of hours. When we went to the room where we were told Crystal would be going, Crystal was still not there, So I went to the nurse’s station and asked if Crystal had come up to recovery yet, they checked and said no, wait a little more and come back and check again. So every 15 min's I went to the nurse's station, kept asking what was the going on but the just kept saying they did not know, she will be here when she gets here. So Again we waited; By this time we knew something was wrong as Crystal had her surgery at 10:30am, she should have been up on the floor hours ago.  At around 5:00pm to 5:30 pm I saw some staff wheeling Crystal on a stretcher.  We waited outside a few minutes as they were getting Crystal in to bed and off the stretcher.


           When they were done we  went into the room to see Crystal. The first thing we had noticed was a nitro patch on Crystal's front left shoulder, but as we got closer to her we looked again and saw another nitro patch beside the first one, as we got in front of  her  we  saw that Crystal had four nitro patches on her . This was shocking as normally there would not be four nitro patches on unless there was a big problem, and if nothing was wrong and the surgery went well,. If the surgery went well then why the Nitro patches.  The first words Crystal had expressed was how much pain she was in and how bad the pain was. I could not ask Crystal what the four nitro patches were doing on her, as Crystal was crying and kept saying the pain was bad. We asked Crystal where she was having pain, and she pointed to the middle of her chest just below her ribs, her upper abdomen.  At that time the nurse was in the room checking Crystal's vitals, and they seemed concerned, we right away asked the nurse what was with the nitro patches and we also expressed to the nurse that Crystal was complaining of bad pain. The nurse had then stated that they put the nitro patches on in recovery, we asked her why, the nurse said for the pain. The nurse had at that moment  stated that she was concern about Crystal's blood pressure


The nurse left and Crystal was in a lot of pain and grabbing the middle of her. chest, Crystal kept telling her dad that it hurt really bad, and she was crying and really uncomfortable. We at first thought it was because of the surgery, but we had realized she should not be in that much pain.  The nurse came back in with another nurse, so my husband informed the nurse that Crystal was in a lot of pain. the other nurse looked at Crystal and more or less said suck it up princess you just had surgery. We were in disbelief, shock paralyzed.   He had asked should it be that bad. The nurse looked at Crystal and proceeded to ask Crystal about the pain, the nurse asked Crystal if it was the same pain as she was having in recovery, at this point Crystal was in so much pain she just looked at her dad to answer for her. Therefore my husband again said that Crystal was in a lot of pain.  At this point Crystal was really uncomfortable with the pain, and tried to answer the nurse. We said this cannot be normal for her to be in this much pain, at that time the nurse turned around and said to us we have given Crystal a ton of pain medication, it is normal. 


            We  were at this time very frustrated as to how we were treated, and how badly Crystal was being treated, we know Crystal very well, and no one knows their daughter better than we would have. We were trying to comfort Crystal but she was in too much pain to care about anything, and watching Crystal suffer like that was really upsetting and there was nothing we could do for her. We kept telling the nurse to get a doctor as we were really concerned about Crystal. At some point the nurse came back and gave Crystal some more morphine, to help with the pain, by this time they had given Crystal so much and she was still under the anesthetic that Crystal just passed out on the bed and went to sleep. After a while a doctor came in the room, looked at us, saw that Crystal was sleeping and put his finger to his mouth and told us to shush, she's sleeping. At that point we tried to inform the doctor of the pain that Crystal was complaining about at this point the doctor looked at Crystal looked at us and said, well she is sleeping she does not look like she in pain to me.  By now we are ready to scream and  were very upset about this and the doctor just left, he did not say anything but that and left the room. He did not even try and talk to Crystal to see what was going on he just left. We were in complete shock that a doctor could say something like that, and the way he said it was horrible.


            To think that a person who is having really bad pain and know one cares, they just think they know everything just brushed her aside, dope her up with nitro, morphine and whatever else they gave her and moved on.


 Crystal was a mess and looked at me in the face and said something is wrong mom it should not hurt this much. We were scared for her at this point, but we were   getting nowhere with the nurse's or doctor's. We got Crystal back into bed and the nurse checked her blood pressure again and said it was high. Crystal laid down and dozed off again, all of a sudden her dad looked at Crystal and saw that Crystal was starting to throw up, so he sat Crystal up, and I grabbed the sick pan, Crystal had black looking vomit, really dark and just not normal, something like coffee grinds. We called the nurse and showed her the vomit and said that they need to call the doctor, as this cannot be normal. The nurse said that they already called the doctor before, and again they just brushed it off, Crystal was crying and scared. The nurse came back and they did an ecc, the nurse asked Crystal how the pain was since she threw up Crystal said it felt a little better. This should have been a huge sign that something was wrong, but no, they did not seem to care. We stayed  while Crystal slept, then we left to come home to get our stuff as we lived outside the City, we were going back to  Toronto and get a hotel room so we could be close to Crystal. We were really upset and angry that we knew something was wrong, but no one would listen, as if they did they did not care.


             We decided to call the hospital and see how Crystal was doing and make a decision from there about going back to Toronto, or going in the morning. At 10:30 pm when we got home I called  the hospital to find out how Crystal was doing, we were really worried and if Crystal was not doing well we were going back down to hospital.  I had spoken to Crystal's nurse, I asked her how Crystal was doing, and she replied “good she is fine”, I asked her if Crystal threw up anymore and was she in pain still, the nurse told me to stop worrying that Crystal was fine and there was no need for us to drive back down to the hospital. I could not sleep that night, at 1:30am I called the hospital again and spoke to Crystal's nurse, I again asked how Crystal was doing and the nurse said again that Crystal was doing well, there was  no need to come down to the hospital, that Crystal was sleeping.


            The morning of Wednesday December 12, 2012 we got a call, but did not reach the phone in time, it was the hospital they had left a message that they were taking Crystal back for surgery again. We tried calling the hospital back, but were told that we would have to wait for the surgeon as he was in surgery. No one could tell us anything at that point, we tried asking to speak to someone that knew what was going on but got nowhere again. I thought this was totally unacceptable as we were deeply concerned and panicked, as we knew the night before something was wrong, but they waited until the morning to do something about Crystal’s pain.  All the concern and complaining did nothing for Crystal. Why when I called through the night where we not told about Crystal condition.


            When we got to the hospital we went to her room, but she was already gone for surgery.  The bed across from Crystal, informed us that Crystal had a really, really horrible night, and they could not believe that they left her all night suffering like she was. We went to the nurses’ station and asked about Crystal, where she was? What was going on? We were told that they did not know anything, all they knew was that she was in surgery. The nurse told us to go down to the first floor, where surgery was, and see if they knew anything. We went down to the first floor, we went to the Surgery unit, they would not tell us anything, said we had to wait to talk to her surgeon. Then we went to the switch board and asked them to page her surgeon, but could not find any news about Crystal.   We tried to find out what was going on with Crystal as we were desperate to find out what was going on, but again unable to find anything out. By this time we were in disbelief, that no one knew anything about the status of Crystal.  We went up to the fifth floor again in hopes of finding something out, but the nurse said she still did not know. We asked again to talk to the surgeon immediately and the nurse said that he had other patients waiting for surgery, therefore they could not reach him or get a message to him. We would have to wait to talk to the surgeon until he was in between surgeries and had the time to talk to us. By now we were frantic and did not know what else to do or where to go now, and by now it was after lunch, well after lunch time.


           Finally we decided to go back down stairs, in hopes of seeing the surgeon in between surgeries, we again waited another couple hours.  Finally her surgeon came out, and came over to us, at that point he asked us to go with him, as he needed to talk to us in private. At that point we knew something was seriously wrong. Then he sat and informed us that Crystal was gravely sick. He said that they had to do another surgery as Crystal had a bad night, and they found a leaky staple, and it was bowel getting into her system, stating that Crystal was bleeding internally. He said that he had fixed the problem but had to get Crystal off the operating table fast as Crystal was going into arrest, and they brought in the crash cart, and her blood pressure was plummeting. He also expressed that Crystal had aspirated on the table, which caused her to have lung problems, and therefore Crystal was in an induced coma. He stated that she would not look the same, as Crystal was also on life support, and had a lot of tubes and stuff. He also stated that Crystal would be going to critical care.


           We were stunned. How did this happen? We asked her surgeon how they did not know this when Crystal started complaining in recovery as soon as she woke up? Why did they leave her all night to suffer? He said he did not know how this happened; he could not answer how this happened. We asked him if Crystal was going to be okay, he said that she was very sick but he thinks she will be okay. I asked to see Crystal as soon as possible and he said we could. We were in shock, why did they not call us earlier?  Why when I called twice did the nurse lie and say that Crystal was doing well? At that point we felt totally helpless; we did not know what to do, other than hold on to her surgeon's words that Crystal would be okay. We waited another few hours even though he said we could see her, I kept asking to see Crystal but again they still would not let us see her. We were worried and needed to see Crystal as we had not seen her since the night before. Hours had passed and my husband stuck his foot in the door to go see her but they would still not let us go into recovery to see Crystal. Finally after hours of waiting they let us in to see Crystal. As I kept expressing to the hospital staff, you have no right to keep her from us, you do not understand if she dies and you did not let us see her that would not be right for us as a family. At that point we were allowed to see Crystal.


            When we walked up to the bed we were speechless with what we saw at that time, Crystal did have a lot of tubes and machines coming from her. We could not believe what we’re seeing, as this was supposed to be a few days stay and then home. What the hell and how did this happen? Why did the hospital wait all night long, and pump her full of morphine and give her nitro patches. When Crystal immediately started complaining after her surgery, while in recovery, the staff at the hospital should have taken Crystal seriously and should have not just brushed her off. The nurses were appalling; they had no bed side manors at all. The one nurse just brushed it off as if she was a baby, totally unacceptable behavior. The hospital staff should have done something right away, unfortunately they left it until the next day, by then the poison had gone through her body.


We only got a few minutes with Crystal and we could not ask the nurse any questions at that time. It took hours and it was late before they got Crystal to critical care, so we waited again not being able to spend time with Crystal.  When they finally got Crystal up to critical care unit, we were able to see her. Poor thing she just looked terrible.  Again we could not spend a lot of time with her as the nurses where busy with Crystal, which we understood, but just wanted to be beside her even though she did not know we were there, as she was in an induced comma.  Finally, it was about 4 am before we left the hospital, as they were busy with Crystal.  The family and I got a hotel room across the street. I again called critical care unit a few times through the night to see how she was doing, the nurse said that they were still fighting with Crystal's blood pressure, but that Crystal was stable, and for us to get a couple hours sleep,  easy for someone to say when it not there daughter hanging on for life.


The next morning we went back to see crystal, and she looked worse than when we had left her. I asked the nurse what was going on and she said that Crystal’s blood pressure was the problem; they were having a hard time keeping it under control. At this point we were more terrified than before.  We stayed for a few hours then went to get something to eat; we were not gone long when the nurse called for us to come back as Crystal was bad. We rushed back and when we got there, we were just outside of her bed, but were unable to go in as Crystal was in trouble, she was crashing, and there were all kinds of nurses working on her.  Even her surgeon was there, I am not sure at that point what was going on, as someone asked for a scalpel right away and they were all working on her. We were frantic at that point, Crystal was crashing and thank God they were able to stabilize Crystal.  At that point her surgeon  stated to us that he was happy with the progress thus far, we were in total shock, but again we held on to his words that Crystal was going to pull though this.


           We stayed with Crystal and other family members were there also with us, at various point, we all took turns staying with Crystal. Crystal was very feverish; they started putting ice packs on her body to cool her off. Later on, Crystal’s aunt and I were in the room with her and the nurses were deciding what strength of medication to give her. It seemed as if they had no idea what was going on, or what to administer Crystal. Once more we were in total disbelief of how incompetent the hospital staff was. How can you just play with someone's life like that? As the day went on we were all wondering, and watching Crystal just getting worse. We all have asked and wondered,  why did the hospital staff leave it so long to find the leaky staple from her bowel.  Crystal had complained numerous times that she was in pain and therefore something should have been done sooner. 


            Later into the evening another surgeon came to us and the rest of the family that was there and informed us that they were going to have to do a third operation on Crystal right away. We were all astonished as to Crystal having to have another surgery. He stated that this time he was going to cut her stomach wide open to see what was going on, as Crystal was not doing good at all,  and to clean her out properly. We were frantic as Crystal almost died on the table from the second surgery and how was she going to get through this one. What human being can survive 3 major surgeries in less than 24 hours. He informed us that he assisted Crystal's surgeon in the morning with the second surgery Crystal had. We were really scared for Crystal as two surgeries in one day seemed like a lot, but he stated it was necessary. This surgeon also stated that the positive side was that they would not have to put Crystal to sleep, as she was already asleep. We were just so upset, the whole family was, we just could not think; we were so scared that we would lose Crystal. But he stated that he had to do the third surgery, as it was necessary and best for Crystal. The hospital proceeded to get Crystal stable enough and then took her for her third operation.  


It seemed like forever.  We waited for this surgeon to come and let us know that our baby girl was okay and going to be okay. It was really early in the morning, when he finally came out to talk to us. He informed us that Crystal was in horrible shape when he was flushing her out. We asked him what the hell happened and how did it come to this?  He said that  they obviously screwed up somewhere, but he was unsure of where and what went wrong. He had said those words to the whole family.  There were eight of us there at the time, when he stated the words that they screwed up. By this point the family was a total mess.  He also informed us that they might have to do a fourth surgery on Crystal, and if they had to, they would.


We were just completely numb, and did not know what to do or what to think. We asked to see Crystal but he said it would be best if we did not as it was going to take them three hours to get Crystal all hooked up and ready. He said that we needed rest, that would be best for us, and that would give them time with Crystal. Against our wishes, we had no choice to leave the hospital as again it was going to take them another three hours to get Crystal all set up. We left and went back to the hotel, wondering the whole time how Crystal was doing and how we ended up here. Crystal’s Gastric bypass surgery was supposed to be a few days in the hospital, and then home. How did this happen?  Right after the first surgery, her surgeon said everything went great and that Crystal would be out of the hospital by Thursday.  We were so upset that we were unable to see Crystal as much as we wanted to, we felt very deprived and just totally saddened at what had happened.


On Thursday December 13, 2012, I called the critical care unit to see how Crystal was doing, the nurse informed me at that time that Crystal's blood pressure was high and that she also had a very high fever. We immediately rushed over to see her. When we saw Crystal she looked terrible, her body was so hot it was horrible. I have never seen anyone with such a high fever before; they had ice packs all over Crystal's body. It seemed that even though Crystal was on life support, she was having a really hard time breathing. The nurses once more were trying to figure out Crystal's medication that the machine was even going crazy. Yet again, it seemed as if the hospital was guessing at what to do or give, and how much. We were all just mortified watching this take place. We tried asking questions and all we got was we know what we are doing. Too be honest it did not seem as if the staff  knew what they were doing .All of us as a family asked countless times what was going on with Crystal and countless times we were not getting answers.


 In the afternoon they needed to do stuff with Crystal, so we went to get something to eat. Shortly after the nurse called and said for us to come back and we did right away. When we got there the nurse said that they were having trouble with Crystal's blood pressure and her fever was really high, and that Crystal was crashing on them. Can you imagine what we were going through at that time? The nurse also stated that they were going to try and stabilize Crystal for a fourth surgery. When we saw Crystal she looked really terrible and they had these white things on both of her legs. Crystal was really struggling to breath. We were beside ourselves, and did not know what to think other than Crystal was in really bad shape. The nurses kept calling the doctor and he just kept giving her medication. The heart monitor numbers were looking really bad, and the way they had Crystal's legs laid out was terrible; Crystal was a real mess.  What had they done to this perfectly healthy 27 year old,  who was just overweight. Our baby girl, what had they done to her we thought, was she going to die? I asked the nurse and she said that all would be okay they were doing everything they could and that Crystal had the best care. That was not what we were thinking  after all we had witnessed.  This child was just over weight and to see her now was a total shocking experience, an experience I would never want to see anyone go through.  


Later that evening Crystal’s aunt and uncle  were in the room with her for a while, and after about 45 minutes they also had witnessed the nurse's playing with Crystal medication, not knowing what they were doing it seemed to them, they were also flabbergasted. Crystal's Aunt asked the nurse how Crystal was doing at that point and the nurse said that Crystal was stabilized nicely. When Crystal's Aunt & Uncle came out of the room, and came to the waiting room where we were all waiting, they were smiling. We asked them what was going on and they informed us that the nurse had said that Crystal was stabilized nicely. We were all so excited.  While they were in with crystal they asked the nurse if it was okay for them to leave to go home as Crystal was stabilized, the nurse said yes go ahead she is doing well. So they left to go back to Milton where they lived as it was really late.


After they had left I went back in to see Crystal.  I looked at the heart machine and the numbers did not seem good to me, but I am not a doctor.  After about 10 minutes,  I told the nurse we were going to get a drink as Crystal was stable, at that point the nurse looked at me and said that Crystal was not stable.  I was very surprised. I stated to the nurse that you just told Crystal's aunt and uncle that Crystal was stable.  The nurse just looked at me. I was so upset I could have screamed at the nurse, as her aunt & uncle would never have left to go home had Crystal not been stable. This is just one of many examples of poor communication and lack of care on Crystal’s behalf. We took turns staying with Crystal, and the nurse finally said that we should go and get a drink or something as they needed to do something with Crystal. As I walked away from Crystal's bed I stopped and looked back at her laying in that bed and the way again that they had Crystal laid out on the bed was totally horrible. Crystal looked so uncomfortable and her legs were wide open and she had ice bags everywhere. All we could touch was Crystal's toes and fingers.  She looked totally helpless  and her face was beet red. Crystal would not have ever wanted to be laid out like that, with her legs wide open and puke all over her face that was not cleaned by the hospital staff for days. We did leave and about 20 minutes later I called critical care again to see how she was doing as we were really worried, the nurse said that Crystal was okay at that point, and she would call if need be.


Well needless to say about 20 minutes later the nurse called to say that they had given Crystal all the medication that they could and that they were running out of options, so we rushed back. Crystal's temperature was deadly high and they had ice bags everywhere on her body. Her face was beat red and she looked even worse. We stayed with Crystal, for maybe an hour, the nurse gave her some more medication and I asked her how her temperature was and was she again going to get through this? The nurse looked at me and said that Crystal was stabilizing again. Although we had heard that many times! The nurse left the room to go and get something or see something and just me and my mom, Crystal’s grandma, were there with Crystal when all of a sudden Crystal flat lined. The nurse came back into the room and I said “Oh my God what is going on?”  At that point the nurse looked at the heart machine and casually said for other nurses to come in the room.  The nurse was pushing the defibrillator  machine, I was totally frantic and they started CPR on Crystal at that point, I am not sure for how long.  Then they pronounced Crystal dead on December 14, 2012 around 1:40am.  Our baby girl had died from this gastric bypass surgery that her surgeon made into a monster from there carelessness.  The hospital staff eventually let us in to see Crystal, but she was still hooked up as they had to wait for the corner to come.  We waited until the corner came and he came out to talk to us about what was going to happen now.


            Our baby girl was gone, and it was there fault. I am not a doctor but if they, the doctors and nurses, had taken Crystal seriously the first night after surgery, Crystal might still be with us today. What about the nurse?  Why did she leave the room at that time without checking the heart machine first?  If she had checked the heart machine first maybe she would have seen that Crystal was in trouble and been able to use the defibrillator.  But by the time the nurse came into the room Crystal had already flat lined. All these questions are driving our family crazy as we have not had proper answers.


           Crystal was a 27 year old young lady.  She was a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, a fiancé and a friend.  This was our little girl who was just over weight. Crystal was going in for surgery that is done on a daily basis to make her life better and healthier.  Crystal was a great person.  A loving person, who we will never see get married and walk down the aisle and have children of her own which she desperately wanted.  We will never get to hug Crystal again or kiss her again. We will never get to see her smile or listen to her stories and events of the day. We will never get another text message from Crystal.  We buried Crystal on December 20, 2012 and what a nightmare that was.  This is a nightmare that started December 11. 2012 and one that we are still having and will continue to have for many years. We miss Crystal dearly and we loved her more than words can ever express. Crystal was an amazing young lady and her death could have been avoided maybe, with more care and knowledge. 


            These reflections are to bring justice. We felt Crystal’s care was not handled properly. As a mother I would not want other mothers to go through what I have gone through. This reflection is also about education;  education of the staff and to people who are considering this surgery. We felt that Crystal was not informed properly of the severity of the surgery or that the ward was closed down in 2010, due to many deaths. Had we been informed of this very important information, Crystal would have reconsidered.  Not only was it the severity of the surgery as people have this surgery every day, it was the fact how Crystal was treated.  Crystal had expressed countless times she was in pain, and countless times  her surgeon would not answer his page.  He brushed her off.  If Crystal was taken more seriously, we might have a different outcome. Crystal should have not had to endure three surgeries in a matter of twenty four hours. No human being could handle that. The lack of empathy, sympathy and proper care is a huge concern in Crystal’s case. We as a family were passed around and left waiting as nobody took proper care of her. She was given numerous amounts of medication and passed off.  All we ask as a family is to get accountability for the death of our child who was in our hearts killed by negligence.






           Crystal was taken away from us due to neglect, Crystal should have been taken back to OR immediately after her first surgery when she showed signs in recovery, but he was so busy doing other surgeries, we only saw him twice in three days. He did not care to see Crystal until the next morning.  We have proof that he was paged at 5:30pm on Dec 11th as the nurse was so concerned, but he did not answer his pages or call the hospital.


           When Crystal was sick the nurse took the vomit to the head nurse and  the head nurse said,  “do not call the doctor it just old blood.”  Really!   Old blood from what?  When they decided to take her back to OR, it was way too late.  Proof they waited 12 hours to make decision to take her back to OR.  Crystal apparently was going into arrest on the first surgery.  We were never told that.   Had they acted fast on this, Crystal might still be here today, but they ignored her cries and ours, she did not stand a chance of survival.


            We now know they have a lot of questions to answer.  The lies and deceit right from the first surgery, until the last one. Crystal had 2 leaky staples.  We were told only one and lots of other lies that we were uninformed about, which lead to her death.


            Someone has to be held accountable for the neglect, & negligence. The doctors and corners office all work together, so we the little people, just get pushed aside.  No one wants to hear us.  But how many more deaths before something gets done. We know of 12 deaths, including Crystal. How many are they allowed in a two year period, really.


    Crystal Lynn Rose   


Live    Love    Laugh.                                                                                                                           Video of Crystal