This is a letter that was sent to
    the chief coroner for investigation
    on September 29/12 regarding
    the death of my mother,
  Dorothy Lunau.

On Nov 20th 2011 EMS was called to transport my mother to Toronto East General, at the request of Dr. M. (?) from a Medical Visit.  Dr.  M. came twice on this particular weekend. Mom had an infection in the past year that should be documented with CCAC and St Elizabeth’s nursing staff. 


The hospital had my mom’s infection under control in a matter of days to the point we have never seen her feet look this good. (I was given a diabetic course or that’s what they called it).  I believe they were just trying to see if I was abusing my mom, I had all my mom’s records that she and I had done for the past several years, all blood sugar tests (B, S) twice a day and when she had the infections a year ago, I was able to show them when I actually started doing my mom’s insulin shots, the hand writing changes in our record book. It shows all the trouble we had with her B, S levels and St Elizabeth’s should have on record we were having with my mom’s Doctor.


When I returned from the diabetic course there were four doctors at my mom’s bedside, saying she was having stomach troubles, this is at the time the other Dorothy (Identified later as Irene Dorothy Lunau, but went by the call name of Dorothy) was admitted right around day six of my mother’s stay. When I left my mom, she was fine and I told her I would be back in less than an hour. I believe those doctors where sent for the other Dorothy, when I spoke to her (the other Dorothy) she said she has a stomach flu and a virus, that’s why she was on a full quarantine. At some time during that first week my mom was taken off of the antibiotics and the IV.


The four doctors prescribed something that came in the form of a pink liquid with the pills crushed in it; the nurse claimed she was having troubles swallowing her pills, this was a surprise to me as I witnessed my mother swallow her pills that morning without difficulty.


  • At one time Percocet was given?


When I was with the diabetic lady Irene, she said she was sending a dietician, and she said "take notes on what your mom eats until I gets to you, could be a day or two before the request goes in". That dietician never showed until two days before I had security called to remove my mom from the third floor. I asked why she sent pureed food to my mom, she said my mom had ulcers around her teeth, and she was having trouble swallowing. I informed her that my mom had had a full set of dentures and she has no ulcers , and my mom has not been eating since she took that medicine  and vomited from it, this should be on the records since I took the vomit out to the nurses’ station and said if I have to collect this change my mom’s gown and bed before a nurse comes to help surely you can get rid of the vomit.  Nurse Pauline came down to lecture me, at this time I think my mom suffered the heart attack that Providence said she had at East General. (That no one at East General thought important to let the family know.)  When I told the patient advocate on a Tuesday and the vice president of the hospital, they all cited the patient confidentiality act.  I was never asking about Irene Dorothy Lunau’s health and they all said it could not happen, (if it could not happen why are they stating in their letter to the family doctor that they will continue to try to avoid confusion with the two individuals with the exact same name, and that unfortunately, there may still be bumps in the road related to this in the future. A copy of the letter is following.)


I went into detail about what we found, was still told I was mistaken, and then the next day my mom was scheduled for a syscopy. The staff, Miss L. told me nothing has been mixed and to rest assure, so when the nurse wanted me to sign paper work for the syscopy, it was not for that she started telling me. She told me my mom was going under, I told her my mom cannot go under, she said Danny you know your mom needs this, she then asked if my mom had dentures, she said no and was about to make me sign the paper work, I told her my mom has a full mouth of dentures, she looked shocked.  She never listened to me. They called a porter and sent us to endoscopy, porter told the staff when we arrived at endoscopy, this is Dorothy Lunau, Ok just wheel her over there for now.  I spoke up and said I need to know how you can look at my mom’s urinary tract from an endoscopy, she said we can’t that’s urology.  I immediately told her to look on the computer that there was two Dorothy Lunau’s I looked over her shoulder and she closed the screen, closed the charts and said you have to go to urology, porter then wheeled us over to urology, we had to wait for the paper work to show up until they could do the syscopy.


When I returned to the third floor Miss L. was there and assured me no mix up had happened to my mom, I asked then how come we were just sent to the wrong procedure, she said I was mistaken, I then told her about what just happened . I went and found the man patient advocate the first one I spoke too and now told him we have to file a formal complaint and I told him what happened , this happened after I already told the Vice President of the hospital and the patient advocate the day before this and still it happened WHY?.  After going to the other patient advocate she said just minutes after we left her office that there is inconsistencies in my story, she said this to my sister Vicky, I went right back to her and asked what the inconsistencies were, she would not elaborate and was shocked, I returned that fast. As I heard her on the phone she said to someone that, we need to clean up another mistake on the third floor…she hung up and I walked in.

I came back up to the third floor , miss L. was just flagging the files, she reassured me nothing happened and that now files have been flagged for me. I told her what had just happened with my mom and I was filing a formal complaint.


I met Dr. K. the Monday of this week for only 30 seconds, he said he was some type of doctor; at this point I had met so many doctors and just thought he was another one. Later the Wednesday, I asked to see my mom’s doctor at the nurses station Dr. k. was there he spoke up and said he was my mom’s doctor, I asked what happened to Dr I., he said he was on holidays, and he is mom’s doc, at this point I have been trying to get a doctor to see my mom since she is complaining of pain in her neck and all over, since after the first time I met Dr. K. and I wanted to know how come my mom was not on an IV, he fluffed me off and said he will see me at the meeting this Friday.  Given that, (to the best of my knowledge) my mother had not received any medical attention from a physician. 


On the Thursday of this week my mom’s dietician showed up for the first time, we were at the door she never actually came in, she did not want to put a gown on, {the level 1 quarantined},(what were they quarantined for, no one would tell us, we were all getting sick and taking it home with us) I asked her how come the other day she ordered a pureed meal for my mom, she said my mom had ulcers around her teeth and she was having trouble eating, I informed her that my mom has a full set of dentures and she has not been eating or drinking much for days, I asked if she was treating the other Dorothy Lunau on the A side, her jaw dropped and she turned and left , never saw her again.


Still Thursday my sister Vicky was with me in moms room, the dark haired physio therapist was in the room with us, she told me it was my job to get my mom out of bed and sit her in a chair, get her to walk, her tone with me was offending, she gets paid and it’s my job??? The next day is Friday, family meeting day, in this meeting the physio therapists { older red haired lady and the dark haired lady} claimed that they were concerned about me and my health, they found out I was having an umbilical hernia done Dec 22 2011.{had to cancel this due to mom’s decline} All threw this family meeting I was trying to find out how come my mom could not move her neck and was in so much pain since the moving of her on the Wednesday, Dr K. said he would have a look and set up an x-ray, but he was trying to have my mom moved as we were all in this meeting , a family friend we had sit with my mom can confirm this. He said the nurse was shocked our family friend  was in the room and she started asking who he was as if he was not allowed to be with her. The doctor never got back to any of us as to what was wrong with her neck and why she could not move it. As it would happen, my mom did go for x-rays that evening.


 We came home and talked as a family and me and my sister could not figure out how come the physio therapists changed there tune in the meeting. It did not sit well with me and the next morning I went up to the third floor, I could hear my mom screaming for help before I even reached the nurses’ station, my mom was crying and stating “I want the "f" out of this place”. My mom stated that nobody is even listening to her or us, I went down stairs and asked a Doctor I found in the lobby who was running this hospital on the weekend.  At this time security was called, and sure enough they sent an extremely large man to speak with me.  I informed him if he touched me I would defend my self and then step out side and call 911 and the media about them try to kill my mother on the third floor.  At this time he assured me he was not going to touch me, but he needed to find out just what was going on.  He advised me that we had to attend the third floor nurses’ station.  I told him about the mix up, and he could hear my mom exclaiming she still “wanted the "h" out of this Butcher shop”.  He got me in touch with a man named Ralph  , the security talked to this man Ralph, security told me I was in good hands and  Ralph wanted to talk to me. The hospital says that they had mom moved, but they would not have if I did not get security involved.


Ralph told me about what my mom was showing in her charts, I told him I did not understand what he was saying, he mentioned about m spikes and mom was showing signs of cancer, he told me he was on his way to see me, and he said I am preparing a room on the second floor for her, I hung up and he did come to me and gave me his # and name on a piece of paper. At this time nobody has ever told me why, as a diabetic she was not on an IV, as soon as we entered the second floor they put mom on an IV and asked how come she was not on one {that’s what we have been asking everyone that touched my mom on the third floor}.  Doctor H. also indicated mom was severely dehydrated and needed a blood transfusion “did your mom just get admitted to the hospital, she is severely dehydrated” we immediately replied “NO she has been in this hospital East General for 21 days now”.  According to the doctor, because she is severely dehydrated that is why she is having the problem with her neck.  (Why, after 21 days in East General Hospital, with trained nurses and licensed doctors, did none of them figure out she was dehydrated?


As my mom was being washed to go down to the second floor, just the weight of the cloth hurt mom, and at this point is when I saw the blood in my mom’s stools, the nurses that washed mom said she is full course cancer. At one point in that last week before the second floor I asked a nurse about my mom’s pain I used the word phantom pain when I described how my mom was feeling, well this lady lectured me for twenty minutes about how I should let doctors and nurses take care of my mom and that a phantom pain only exists in amputees, she never did look at my mom’s and our concerns. .

The second floor staff that treated our mom at her arrival we believe saved our mom from dying in December. Urlanda I think her name was she, was the one who saw my mom was not taking anything from me again and she jumped into action and started to feed my mom with a spoon the Gluecerna. That was the first time anyone in this hospital ever fed my mom or put a glass to her mouth.

 But Dr H. on this floor said she would do her own exam on my mom, but then just carried on with what the staff upstairs did and she went right along with have a bone marrow test done on her. At no time did she ever tell us or did anyone tell us mom had a heart attack, during her stay with East General Hospital (we were told this by doctor P. at the meeting we had at Providence health center). She maintained the original opinion Physio therapy and going home, this I was told on the third floor from Carol and Dr I. and I was asking for palliative care 8 days in from Nov. This opinion was maintained at both hospitals, right up to the day before giving us palliative care. We spent about ten minutes in the cardiology ward, so how come the paper work Providence says my mom entered East General hospital Jan 5 2012 and it also says she was chf and secondary a foot infection??? We entered Nov 20 2011 admitted Nov 21 2011 and how come it says according to the patient??East Gen never told them about the blood transfusion and dehydration, how come?

  From what has gone on in the previous year at our home we knew my mom was slowing down and she knew that also, but they were saying she was not? And maybe not right away either and we knew that also, so when we asked to just let us go home on palliative care they all said she has to be in a window of three months for this to happen. Both hospitals said this to us . With all the blood urine and fecal samples that were taken. All this work needs to be looked at. Claims of chronic hart failure?? I don’t think either floor new my mom had a pacemaker until me and my brother told Dr H. about the pacemaker clinic calling us for mom’s appointment.

  When did my mom start bleeding and when do her records show that they were documenting this, or does it. I think right up to the Wednesday before we were moved they were documenting this in the other Dorothy’s files?

Two days before leaving East Gen a minister came to do the last rights on my mom, he was shocked to see, who he new as Dorothy Lunau, was not her at all.

Was Irene Dorothy Lunau the physio and going home? I called her son he assured me his mom was dying , I told him I am looking at my mom she can not talk or do much , but his mom spoke in great detail with me and remembered meeting my mom six years earlier on a bus trip with her senior group. My mom lost her purse and when the bus driver wanted to see Dorothy Lunau, two ladies' stepped forward.

 How come we could see my mom was dying and all three shifts at both hospitals could not??

 He also told me he knew we were there. The staff told him there was another Dorothy Lunau, so what happened to the patient confidentiality the staff and vice pres. of east Gen quoted to me, when I asked how come we were not told of another patient with the same name as us. BOTH FAMILIES SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOLD and all staff that touched or even looked at files for either lady should have been told. When we asked staff not many knew this even on the second floor, after it was all sorted out.

 If my mom was not dying how come she is dead?

How come you send chf patients to rehab?

How come we did not get to come home and have rehab right in our home, we are entitled to thirteen hours a week and was only using three a week before entering the hospital.  One day before leaving TEGH the students came in doing vitals, they did my mom ‘s and they did Albeana , and myself and  Albeana and I looked at each other and said that does not sound right for her or my mom, the vitals were just way to good. Neither of us had ever seen each other’s vitals that good? My mom walked a shorter distance on the second floor than she did on the third floor.  Soon after that we got a six week rehab at Providence. I think right at this point they knew my mom was on a peak of good vitals and my mom was rallying.

  How come they put somebody in our room with out swabbing her first, this was the third floor {Edith was the patient}.

How come they put a lady that was tied to her bed in our room, myself and the son of the H. family complained about this lady, she is awake all night and screaming. Did both of our families need to be near this lady, was she violent? And how come they put her in our level 1 quarantined room, and if that’s ok then we did not need to be inconvenienced any more with gowns and gloves. If you can expose a patient to this quarantine then why even get the gowns or gloves? We complained about her being noisy all night and since they had her restrained in the other room and ours at first, we asked if we were safe, they medicated her and she never made another sound but moans, she stopped eating and drinking and declined fast.

 What was the quarantine for?

At the time of all this the staff always said we were wrong about any mix up, but behind our backs they were corresponding with my mom’s doctor, and telling him about the mix up, I approached the presidents secretary {Holly} and said to her, if your going to tell somebody about what happened don’t you think you should talk to us before you speak to my mom’s doctor or anyone else. She had Miss L. write up a letter and then claimed to our MP that they gave us an apology letter. The letter is attached and  it is a lame apology letter, and it indicates “I understand that you expressed concern to Holly  this week that you had not received a letter acknowledging the concerns you had raised while your mother was on B3” (they still have not acknowledged the concerns)

 At our arrival to Providence Health care, the nurses came and asked questions, we wanted mom with all four rails up on the bed, they said it was considered confinement, and that it was their policy to not put them up unless signed by the doctor. She tried to get out of bed and fell, cut her head and knee open. We demanded the paper work to sign to have the bed rails put up at night or we would be sleeping there as well. When they asked about mom we told them about the mix up, they mention the records showed a heart failure?? We said no, we went in for an infection in her feet and at no time did we spend time in cardiology. My sister Karen and I told them that day about her having been found severely dehydrated and needing a blood transfusion, The staff told us that there is no record of that in the files??? When we left TEGH mom was on 11/2 liters of oxygen, but as time went on mom ended up on four literes,,, they did try and turn down her oxygen at one time, when we found this out, we told doctor P. that mom can not get off the oxygen, this doctor H. told us at TEGH, but failed to put that in her files also. Or at least that’s what Doctor P. said. Several weeks into care at Providence, my mom was failing at

11:00 am when me and sister Karen went into see mom she had curtains pulled and breakfast was still in front of her, she was slumped over and when I touched her she could not talk her voice was broken, she said she can’t breathe, we asked nurse Scott but he said “what? I don’t see anything wrong”,{really, my mom entered here speaking just fine }}, she never gained her voice completely until we were back at home.

 At 5:00pm that day the physio lady, Andrea, would not leave mom and stayed and called another doctor, they sent mom back to TEGH, as soon as we were off of their oxygen mom started to respond, 14 hours we were at TEGH the Doctor that treated mom and his assistant said, I was right my mom is dying and he was sending us back to Prov, when we got back to Prov .the Nurses asked right away , I told them what the doctors said , they brought DNR papers we signed . We asked for that when we entered Doctor P said she was not dying And asked my mom, if she wanted to be revived, {she said yes} he took her word.

 For a few days I was asking Linda , to go home with palliative care and she said it was not in the files that mom was dying, I told her if they were going to keep up with physio and going home then give us back the DNR papers, and make sure she does not die. I also called my MPP and said the same thing to him if you are going to maintain this opinion about my mom than you better make sure she lasts longer than three months at home. Or I will be at every levy he has at the west scarb senior center, since mom has been a volunteer at his venue for Fifty years.

Several weeks later the oxygen failed on mom, it was not working again, they called 911 and left my mom with me, I found the oxygen not working , Twenty five minutes later EMS showed up, he was angry that they never coded the call for him to turn lights and siren on , that’s why it took so long,  This man saw I was trying to set my mom up on tanks and asked what I was doing I said its bubbling but no air coming through from the canister. He found that to be correct. When I looked for our staff charge nurse, they would not let me talk to Huma, and she said they have other patients, all the staff was doing paper work but they all left the patient??? {Was the paper work so important right then, how come?? Doctor and charge nurse started to argue with EMS, EMS showed them the problem and said it needed to be fixed, it was not the line it was the canister, he showed them this and they ignored the EMS, Linda  three hours later came in and said she has found the problem, it was the line and she pulls one out of her pocket??? Managers walk around with air lines in there pocket???? They never looked at the canister until it happened the week we came home.  That happened three times that we saw. How many times did it happen through the night during our stay at Prov.

 EMS witnessed the doctor saying he had to ask Linda if he could write us a letter to get a tax break for the hospital bed, who says you need a hospital bed he responded!! I knew before we went into TEGH that my mom could not lay flat on her back, she was sleeping in the chair we had that reclines. At one point I asked him why he was only doing my mom’s blood sugar once a day, he said she was being over treated diabetic, they were giving the border line diabetic across the room Jane  snacks in between every meal but they would not give us the full blown diabetic snacks? Vicky was with mom one afternoon; she didn’t look good Vicky asked what her 5 pm blood sugar was. The response was we don’t check the evening BS. I (Vicky) asked for it to be checked because she was slurring her speech, the nurse checked it and it was at 1 the nurse was shocked, and left the room coming back with orange juice. I (Vicky) told them her BS is to be checked twice a day. When they started checking her BS Twice a day she was failing as we told them in the afternoon, I have been doing mom’s blood sugar for a few years, and I am very familiar with her patterns. The daughter of Jane  saw this and bought us digestive cookies for my mom. I think they were doing Jane's blood sugar twice a day??

 I tried to set up counseling for me and my sister at Prov, and Kylie said that the care giver’s class would not benefit us, it was for March 8 we were on the fourth floor and they were telling us we were going home, so how come this group would not help me and my sister? This entire facility was doing something behind our backs, and so was TEGH.

 All this time the staff would tell us she is palliative, but Linda and Doctor P.

 The week before coming home they were going to send us home, and said she was physio and going home. Jacqueline came into our room and asked if we were ready to go home. I told her yes, family, friends and the media were going to be at our house. She asked why the media. I said well if your going to say my mom is physio and going home then I am showing them what you claim is physio and going home. At this same time Linda was talking to my sister Vicky and wondering if we were taking mom home. The reason why we said this is that mom was filling up with fluid and they were saying she was fine. After seeing the way they treated us and mom weeks before they just left my mom to fail while the EMS did not get a coded call, look at the vitals they phoned in? We did not trust them, so the decision was they would keep her another week, plus we said if your not giving her to us palliative then you better keep her and make sure she is physio and able to go home.  At this point we believed mom was filling up with fluids her voice sounded crackly and you could here it when she tried to talk. They were still telling us she was able to go home and maintain herself with the same care that we had at home before the hospital trip, and that was three hours a week. When Jacqueline and Andréa came to our home they also said she could do the baths the same way as before. She has needed two people to help her out of bed and they are saying she can do all this? Our bathroom has a small door they were telling me she could do all this in this small room with a wheel chair and oxygen and a med staff to bath her? If they needed two people than how was the one lady to do my mom’s baths by herself?

The last week started with an Asian Doctor saying she is so fragile and palliative???? Her name I do not remember she was covering for DR P. The next day Dr M. seen my mom and said of course she is palliative, then why are we not getting that? The next day I was angry at him and asked to see him. He came and I asked are you signing my mom to palliative? He said no!!! I asked if he was not going to sign anything then he needs to shut his mouth in front of me and my mother when he said she is clearly dying but would not put that in his notes??? All the staff at Prov was saying she is including  Dietician, pharmacist, nurses, and psw’s.

 The Tuesday of the week coming home, when I entered she was having a bandage changed and screaming to stop, when I looked in she was bleeding badly standing  and her oxygen was at 7liters.  This was done several times {7liters} during her shower or bandage change. Shortly after her shower and bandage change the oxygen stopped again and mom was asking me to help her, same charge nurses and same nurses or she was a psw {Huma}

The charge nurse called Huma off of my mom for something else, and told me to mind my own business, At this time the social worker came in and I showed her the oxygen was not working. I unplugged my mom from the wall and hooked her onto a tank myself, turned the wall up to 15 liters and held a Kleenex in front of the spout the Kleenex never moved NO OXYGEN. I don’t think she shows this in her notes but says I have anger issues to my sister? The Friday before this the oxygen company came to do a test on my mom. My sister Vicky was with my mom and the lady. Mom failed right away. On the Monday of the week going home I walked in and our nurse Scott looked odd at us and was treating me differently, when I got in the room they had the oxygen company doing the test again trying to get better results. I stopped that{ when they sent us home the oxygen company did not have the paper work and said it was lost we had to sign it over again???} Back to the Tuesday I confronted Linda and told her she better get that air looked at and change the dam canister like the EMS told her doctors and charge nurses, she ordered a test on the system but it was the canister not the system and she knew it from weeks before. They just did not want to listen to us and admit it was faulty.

The Tuesday of this week they changed the canister, myself and a family friend witnessed the nurse that changed it separated it, through one piece out in one garbage can , and the other piece out in a different garbage can,,, How come? And why did they not change it when the EMS told them to change it???


 The week before coming home they started asking us to get a hospital bed for her. We did because they were telling us she could live several years so instead of renting since they were telling us she had years to live, we bought a hospital bed. And they said we had to set up the trip home at our expense so we booked that and we were ready to pay that because they told us she was going to live several years with what she has?? The Friday morning I arrived and they gave no breakfast, no daily meds and four diapers to go home with???

I will be asking the College Of Physicians , college of nurses, college of social workers all to look into the entire staff that touched my mom and never spoke up for the patient.

So much bumbling, and the several roads they were trying to send us down, multiple melanoma, CHF chronic heart failure, Lung cancer, and at the end she bled to death, and even the palliative team let me do the blood thinners and put my mom’s blood and death on my hands.


After my mom passed we asked for a coroner and we wanted an autopsy, the coroner showed up and would not listen to me and called everything I said injecture, and when he seen the files and they said she had lung cancer.  He called it just a broken phone.

 His report says, {the family had absolutely no desire for an autopsy} then why was he called??? Because that’s exactly what we wanted until, that is, he went into detail about how diligent he would be inside my mom’s brains.

 Nowhere does his report say what the files in our home said lung cancer, and at no time does his report say anything about police and that’s what we did want.

His report reads as if morphine was in our home all the time but it never was given until four days before death?

 All the staff that touched my mom where being told she has lung cancer??? I (Vicky) was talking to Nurse H., 2 days before mom died, I was asking her if she will get better, it was then she said “ no your mom has lung cancer “WHAT”  mom has had so many tests for cancer, and we were told she didn’t have any cancer. “Well that’s what our file says” (the attached file indicates BENIGN TUMOR OF THE BRONCHUS AND LUNG) when did any hospital do lung cancer tests??? From the day I had the diabetic course we never saw a doctor after that until DR K.

It is our belief that, both hospitals new about the mistake and both tried to cover this.

Our entire palliative team was treating my mom as lung cancer.

The coroner should have called the police because he found things that were not right. Right up to the day before we came home everyone was saying she is not dying. They all were trying to send us home without palliative care.

If the coroner could figure out she was dying from the paper work, how come three shifts of staff and doctors at two hospitals could not and maintained that right up to the day before coming home. If they are all claiming that she was dying, then why did we not get home palliative care sooner?

 How come the coroner did not get the files from Mt Sini Hospital? He claimed he was going to be so diligent with my mom’s brains but he was not very diligent with researching the paper work.

 His report reads like she returned from TEGH and they made the decision to give us palliative care but that is not how it happened. We were at providence for nine weeks???

I (Vicky) sent the Chief of Staff for Providence Healthcare a letter, I have included a copy. The letter was sent on Wednesday March 21st, (2 days before she was going home and they still would not say Palliative. Peter read the letter Thursday march 22 at 10:58 am. At 12:15pm she was finally deemed palliative.


We are very certain that our mom died from their negligence and neglect, mom only had an infection in her feet that was treated and we should have come home then. All the other stuff has happened because of their mistake.


In closing, there are so many unanswered questions,

  • How with the technology today can a hospital possibly mix up 2 patients, and not have better controls in place for patients with the same name.
  • Why was it us that figured this out and had to bring it to their attention?
  • How after 21 days in the same hospital, with the healthcare professional we apparently have, did no one figure out our mother was severely dehydrated?
  • Why do our healthcare professionals treat the family members of the patient in hospital like they are stupid and treat them like children?
  • Why did it take a letter to the head of Providence, two days before going home to deem mom palliative?
  • Why was getting any information from doctors or nurses, like pulling teeth?
  • In spending so much time at both the hospitals, and the way our elderly are treated, as well as their family members, I have a new outlook on our health care “it is horrible” and I am disgusted.
  • We have been robbed of the time we could have had her at home with her family.
  • Our mother was a wife, a friend, a mother, and a loving grandmother of 3 that always put others ahead of her. She volunteered at our public school, as we were going through the system;
  • She received her 50 year volunteer service pin. She was a shoulder to cry on. She did not deserve this, nor should anyone else. This should not happen at a hospital where we are supposed to be able to trust our health care providers.
  • We as a family are unable to accept what was done to our mother, and have not been able to properly grieve our mother. And will not be able to until this is resolved.


Yours truly,


 Daniel Lunau