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How our death can be planned and inflicted upon us when we don’t want to die:


My father died July 11th, 2012, after fighting to live for 20 months, 10 days short of his 90th birthday. He had no terminal illness. He was not comatose or vegetative.

My father died of an infection in the lungs that no one ever took the trouble to treat him for in an appropriate fashion and that was maintained by the medical staff in his lungs for the past 20 months.

He had been in the Ottawa Hospital from November 2010 to July 4th, 2012, when I finally got the approval to move him to the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal.

He died in the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal while I was talking to his doctors about what to do to help his pneumonia that had not been treated in the Ottawa Hospital for 2 months prior to the transfer.

After having inflicted pain and irreversible damage repeatedly, in order to cover for their wrong doings, the doctors at the Ottawa Hospital decided it was time for him to die.

They made an application to the Consent and Capacity Board of Ontario to have all medical treatment withdrawn from my father and in case he got worse, to pull out his feeding tube and let him starve to death.

The Province of Ontario, via the Consent and Capacity Board it created, approved their application to have my father's life terminated. In order to get this accomplished, the doctors at the Ottawa Hospital used lies and false claims. Meanwhile, even before any approval from the Board and without my knowledge or consent, the doctors had stopped all testing and all treatment for my father at the biginning of May, despite the fact that all tests from May 7th, 2012 indicated that he had acute pneumonia and desperately needed treatment. They had also denied my requests to have him transferred on three prior occasions and instead of helping to discharge him, they placed a security guard at his bedside to ensure that he does not get moved out of the Hospital.


In the autopsy result it is shown that my father was not vegetative and that his condition and death was due to asphyxiation because he was left with an untreated pneumonia for too long.. Heavy death of neurons new and old indicate that he suffered from lack of oxygen in the past, when he was left unsuctioned, and recently, when he died because of his compromised respiratory system due to the old untreated pneumonia. Because he was moved out of the Ottawa Hospital one week prior to his death and into the Montreal Jewish General  the doctor in the Montreal Hospital tested and treated him. After the cultures were ready (it takes four days or so for cultures to develop), it was shown that he had "ample growth of E-Coli bacteria in his lungs" just as he did all along during the 19.5 months in the Ottawa Hospital, where he was only minimally treated until they stopped treating him entirely for two months before he died, fact that was hidden in the hope that perhaps so he would die "on his own". However, after the cultures were ready, the doctor in Montreal did treat my father for the 2.5 days before his death. Unfortunately it was too late for my father to gain the necessary strength to survive. However, it is very meaningful. because when the results came back from the autopsy report, it was shown that the 2.5 days of treatment he received at the Montreal Jewish General Hospital with a strong broad spectrum antibiotic was enough to clear his lungs entirely and that the theory of being unable to treat his pneumonia in 19.5 months at the Ottawa Hospital was indeed untrue. After only 2.5 days there was no more infection or just a negligible amount of bacterial growth in his lungs. Hence, had he been treated from the start, he would have been healed and out of the Hospital in two months instead of being tortured and dead after 19.5 months. The plan to let him die so it would save money backfired and instead of costing the system 2 months of Hospital stay, it ended up costing the system 19.5 months of Hospital stay and his life!


My father was the most generous, kindest, most giving and most altruistic human being I have ever known in my entire life.

He never did, nor would have hurt anyone but instead, he helped many people, practically, he helped anyone he could!

My father did and would have done anything to live longer in order to be with me and my mother even for just one more month!

Truth is he could have easily lived longer because, aside for a treatable pneumonia (if he had been given the proper antibiotics on time), there was nothing life threatening or seriously wrong with him.

His life was stolen from him. His life was denied to him. It was unfairly and callously terminated against his will.

He was killed by the Canadian Health Care System despite his struggle of 20 months and his wishes to live as long as possible.

His healers turned to killers at the Ottawa Hospital to cover for their incompetence and damages caused to my dad.

They managed to influence the doctors at the Jewish Hospital who refused him ICU care (he was denied intensive care) when my father needed it, when I requested it, so my father died.


My father never enjoyed the "right to life, freedom and security" as promissed to us by our Constitution.

Living was always a fight, a struggle, something that people wanted to take away from him.

His life was threatened many times until it was finally and permanently taken away from him by the men in white robes from the Canadian Hospitals.


When he was still a small child, his family fled Austria to save his life. Not long after that, Romania signed allegiance with the Nazis and his life was once again at risk.

I found out from books, written and published by people whose names he did not even know or remember, that my father, while in forced labor camps, had organized several barracks of younger people to attend to additional forced labor shifts, additional to the required times, in order to replace the barracks of older people on their shifts of forced labor so as to save those older people's lives. My father did not think that the elderly or the frail were disposable material, the way the doctors here think. He believed that every life is worth saving and that every human being comes with mothers and fathers, children, wives and loved ones who would be crushed if this person was hurt or if they died. My father was a true human being: he was thoughtful and respectful of others. He did not live only for himself and think only of himself. He thought of all and fought for all around him to be protected and safe. He even put his own life at risk to protect other people's lives, people who were older, sicker and more frail than him and he never told anyone about this until the book was published and his actions were applauded by total strangers who were there at the time, remembering and grateful to him.


This is something that some of the doctors here, in our beautiful, democratic Canada, appear not to believe in. Far too often our Health Care professionals treat people like disposable goods that need to be thrown out when damaged or old. The doctrine of "if you can't heal them, kill them" is applied far too often along with a less obvious doctrine of "if healing them costs too much or takes too long, better kill them".

The way they do it is they withdraw treatment till their patients die "of natural causes". For example, like in my father's case, they will not treat pneumonias until the pneumonias get so strong that the patients die asphixiated and then they turn around and call it a "natural cause". After that, they go and tell the family "he went peacefully", meaning that dying suffocated was the right, unpainful, easy and natural death that the patient deserved. These doctors have no shame in killing their patients when the patients have the audacity of being inconveniently ill for longer than what is financially acceptable. I would have paid these murderers anything to let my father live, only they parade around pretending they are sainter than saints and claim it's not about money. Meanwhile, they cost me $50,000 in legal and ambulance fees anyway or my dad would have been killed long ago. Murder is a convenient tool that covers their incompetence, negligence and all the damages they inflict upon their patients. Letting the patient die is the weapon of choice.


My father's assassins had the audacity and the arrogance to pretend that they had my father's interest at heart more than I did, that they knew him better than I did, that they knew better what he wished, what was in his best interest and what was of benefit to him. They argued that they saved him from suffering when they killed him. I think that this argument could be made for every living being on planet Earth because everyone suffers in one way or another.


The doctors argued that my father's dignity needed to be saved and that's why it was good for him to die. Clearly, this is an argument that could be brought in favor of killing every person who is unable to walk or move on their own. Therefore, what they are advocating is the killing of all handicapped or mentally ill patients. In reality, my father was completely dignified and if there was ever dignity anywhere, my father would have been the symbol for it. They think being ill is undignified but do not see that murdering their own patients is the most undignified, the most perverse and the most despicable behaviour a doctor could ever have. By their logic, they, these doctors, who go around murdering patients in the name of preserving dignity, are the ones who should be put to death first, since they lack not only dignity itself, but the understanding of what dignity means. In fact, they would not know dignity if it walked up to them and shook hands with them. Completely inhuman and devoid of all human feelings, they walk around dressed in human skin, bringing nothing but agony and despair to their patients and their patients' families.


To all of you who have written and called me to offer me condoleances, to all of you who sincerely have compassion and feel the pain I feel, instead of feeling sorry for me or my dad, please do something useful for me, for him, for you and for all of us: oppose our murderous medical system and the courts who give approval to doctors to kill their own patients, thereby handing death sentences to innocent people. This is not what we have doctors for. This is not what we have medical health care insurance for. This is not what we pay taxes for. This is not what we subsidise the doctors' university studies for. I do not mourn my father because my heart and my soul died the day he got assassinated by his doctors. Therefore, I cannot feel anything but outrage. My heart is dead, my feelings are numb, my humanity is at risk but my mind and my logic are very much alive. It is from my reasoning that this outrage is born, not from my feelings or from my emotions! I am a very rational and logical person when I tell you that this cannot and should not be allowed to go on!


Out of our responsibility as human beings, out of our civic duty, out of our love for our children or grandchildren, out of our concern for the well being of the futurte generations, we must fight this murderous system of disposing of "life unworthy of life", by not treating the handicapped, the mentally ill, the elderly or the "useless babies". Our emergency rooms should never turn the ill away. Our acute care or critical care units should always accept all acutely or critically ill patients instead of letting them die outside these units, our doctors should not unilaterally decide to withdraw treatment from the sick, they should not be the ones to decide who should live and who should die, they should provide care to all their patients equally, preserve and prolong life but never deliberately end it. Our courts should not give approval to the doctors to terminate the life of their patients. Our health insurance is what we all paid into and it must not be denied to us when we need it most! The fact that it is widely practiced is no excuse, on the contrary, it is an evil that has to be annihilated. This evil spreads like a mushroom, like a cancer and that's why it must be opposed, faught and eradicated. We have to change this. The thinking behind it, the inertia to do something about this problem and the complacency we have living with a murderous system, hoping that if we say and do nothing, it will never affect us, must be stopped.Those who think that living longer is a threat and not a blessing, those who think that Health Care is a privilege, not an insurance that must pay up when claimed, like any other insurance, those who think that the elderly should not be covered by health insurance, do not belong in a democratic country and should give up their own benefits first before they go to ask that other people's benefits be curtailed. I do not want to live in a state that approves medical professionals to add killing to their professional responsibilities. I do not want my doctors to have approval to murder, approval that comes from Courts and Boards created by the state to eliminate the weak. I do not want social Darwinism in my country.


My children and I will never forget or forgive what happened to my father and to us, here, in Canada at the hand of those who were supposed to help. We are marked. Our hearts and souls are mutilated. It happened to many before us and it will happen to many more if we don't do something to stop it. It is not because my father died that we feel so dead inside but because he should not have died murdered at the hands of those who should have helped him, who were there to save his life, his own doctors!



The following information was not uncovered till 6 months after my father died (when the Hospital finally disclosed the missing medical Chart portion of the last 6 weeks of my father`s Hospital stay) so I could not include it in my story:

On top of being left untreated for a fulminating pneumonia for 6 full weeks prior to the Consent and Capacity Board hearing:

           1. After he requested, without specifying any reason, to withdraw my father`s feeding tube to let him starve and dehydrate to death, the Ottawa Hospital physician, Dr. Carl Van Walraven, doped my dad with narcotics and analgesics for many weeks. Then, six weeks later, in the Consent and Capacity Board hearing, the doctor stated that in his opinion my father was vegetative because he could not respond or track motion. Of course: if the patient is doped continuously for weeks (especially when he is septic as my father was by then), the patient is bound to be unable to respond or to track with his eyes! The septicemia and the narcotics combined made him keep his eyes closed but the doctor left out that piece of information entirely and covered up the lack of treatment as well as the administration of narcotics. Since the medical records had been kept secret, watched by a security guard around the clock, no one knew or suspected what his doctor did to him.

           2. The CT scans and MRIs of my father`s brain that were in his Chart and that the doctor had ordered and was fully aware of, indicated very clearly that my father was NOT vegetative but the doctor deliberately left out that information as well. When asked in the Hearing if there was any neurological testing done, he angrily answered that his was a clinical diagnosis and hence, no tests were required. The implication, although not stated directly was that there had been no neurological tests conducted but this was untrue.


Those of you who have compassion and feel the pain I feel, instead of feeling sorry for me or for my dad, please sign this Petition to oppose our system where our Courts and State created Boards give approval to doctors to unilaterally decide to “let their own patients die”, in contradiction to the patient’s wishes or to the family members’ decisions. In doing so, this system has become a system of handing out death sentences to innocent people. This is not what we have doctors for! This is not what we have medical health care insurance for! This is not what we pay taxes for! This is not what we subsidise the doctors' university studies for!


I am attaching a Petition  Out of respect and/or love for my father or for me, please sign this Petition and help change a system that, if not changed, will some day, most likely, kill you or one of your loved ones too. Please distribute this petition to anyone you can think of that might sign it. Please follow me on twitter at Diana Ford@Snowsplendour


         On line Petition:  Stop the involuntary euthanizing of patients in Canadian hospitals




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Exact step by step procedure that was followed by the Ottawa Hospital doctors in order to obtain a wrongful decision from the Ontario Consent and Capacity Board to “let my father die”


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thank you so much,

Diana Ford