Joshua Alvin Patey 

      by Mary-Lou Patey     

Born Nov 4,1986     Died June 12,2012



My beautiful son, Joshua Alvin Patey was taken from me by medical negligence.  He died at our local hospital.

This involves two doctors and one nurse at our local hospital.  I am sure there are many good doctors and nurses there.  He was an accomplished writer, great cook, could imitate anybody, very compassionate about every living thing, and very passionate about sports. He made everyone laugh, always the life of the party.

He touched so many people in his short life.



At 1:00 pm on the second day (June 6), after receiving the blood test results, they knew my son's levels were spiking again. They did not bother to notify Poison Control, Why? Poison control contacted them at 6:00 pm and were very concerned about my son's condition. Did the hospital even plan on letting Poison control know what was going on. I think not. Poison Control recommended treatment and this was refused by the doctor. This means they let my son get worse all day and eventually led to him swallowing his tongue, his heart rate went to 192, and blood pressure to 350. They caused him to go out of his mind and ended up taking 7 - 8 people to restrain him.

This is how he ended up in ICU in the first place. By refusing treatment they tortured him for most of the day. If they had listened to Poison Control, as they are supposed to, he never would have ended up in ICU restrained and sedated for over four days, and probably would not have got the embolism that ultimately killed him. This is nothing short of manslaughter and they should be charged. How can they deny someone necessary treatment. I do not understand this. My belief is they wanted to use him as a guinea pig for their new Mental Health facility. Of course I can not prove this but why else would they deny treatment if not to observe his reaction to the meds he took. It was not until the situation got out of control and he coded that they decided to treat him. I was not notified about these events until midnight and when I questioned what happened they said they did not know except his levels spiked again. Only after receiving his records did I find out that hey knew exactly what happened and kept this from me. I am disgusted by what my son had to go through for their experiment. Also on the day of his death the doctor was in such a rush to get him out of ICU she did not even confer with the psychiatrist because he says in his report that he was continuing a form 1, which means there is supposed to be a nurse with Josh all the time but no nurse was ever assigned. I FIRMLY BELIEVE THEY KILLED MY SON! This is my belief. Judge for yourself. Read the whole story